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"Professor Watchlist" by Turning Point USA was founded to "identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government." This blacklist allows students to submit names of professors who do or say things that are presumably opposed to conservative principles. Upon hearing that two professors from Notre Dame were on the watchlist, 100 of their colleagues petitioned the "Professor Watchlist" to be added to it themselves in a show of solidarity and to uphold academic freedom. You are invited to add your name to the watchlist. Visit Free Academics website and click on Take Action to sign the petition. To find out more about the Professor Watchlist, read a recent article from the Washington Post.


Will You Tell Us Your Story About Working in Education?

You make important contributions to society – both at work and in your personal lives. Most days, you go above and beyond what is required.

Stories are a powerful way to communicate. Please take a few minutes to tell us your story and the value of your work. It is important that everyone who cares about our students know who you are, the conditions under which you work, and the many contributions you make despite difficulties.

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Make your views known to those in Congress and state legislatures who represent you on the issues that affect working families every day.  Click here to visit the AFT's Legislative Action Center.

Solidarity March at the Washington State Capitol

A contingent of AFT Washington members joined the rally on St. Patty's day to tell the governor and the legislature NO MORE CUTS to education, health care, and other social services and to CLOSE THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN TAX LOOPHOLES they give corporations so they pay their fair share.

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