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Union Members Question UW Provost Cauce at Town Hall Meeting

Union members Aleksandra Petrovich and Donna Schaeffer attended the UW Townhall meeting with Provost Ana Mari Cauce and asked her for an explanation for the long delay in contract negotiations between UW and the English Language Faculty. The English Language Faculty has been negotiating for their first contract with the UW since March 2012.
You can view the townhall meeting video at YouTube. Aleksandra's question is at 41st minute and Donna's at 46:50.



The Daily Reports on Our Struggle for a Fair Contract

The Daily, November 17th:

"The “last, best, and final” proposal from the UW on Sept. 20 in its negotiations with the university’s International and English Language Program (IELP) faculty has drawn the attention of Seattle lawmakers and sparked protests on campus."

You can read the rest of the article here.


AFT Local 6486 at the UW Board of Regents Meeting

In a short speech at the November 14 meeting, Daphne Mackey asked the Board of Regents to support the union’s efforts to reach a fair labor agreement with the University of Washington. She informed the Board of the union’s goals and expressed concern about the University’s proposals and refusal to mediate their differences. She asked the Regents to join others in the University community as well as government leaders in urging that negotiations move forward.


Washington State Legislators Urge UW to Negotiate a Fair Contract

Seven Washington State legislators, including Rep. Gerry Pollet and Rep. Larry Seaquist, vice-chair and chair of the House Higher Education Committee,  wrote to UW President Young to encourage UW to negotiate a fair contract that provides a living wage and job stability for UW English Language Faculty.


Mayor McGinn Urges UW to Give English Language Faculty a Fair Contract

In a letter addressed to UW President Young and the UW Board of Regents, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn urged the UW to complete negotiations with the UW English Language Faculty "in a way that recognizes the contributions they make to the University, to the students they serve, and to the broader community."


What a Fair Contract Looks Like

  • Invest in Education. Invest in the Educators: Return funds generated by IELP back to IELP to provide high-quality educational experience and retain a committed and professional faculty. Since 2007 the percentage of revenue used for faculty compensation has steadily been decreasing.
  • Provide Better Job Security: Give ongoing employment to all IELP Lecturers. No more quarter-to-quarter contracts for faculty who have been teaching here for 15 years! 

Did you know?

  • English Language Faculty teach the same number of hours in summer quarter…yet they are paid 19% less than any other quarter. In the second half of September we simply don’t get a paycheck!

AFT UW English Language Faculty Delivers a Letter for UW President Young

On Friday, September 27th, representatives of UW English Language Faculty visited the office of UW President Michael Young and delivered an informational packet. This packet contained a letter reintroducing the Union, a summary of facts about the Union, and personal testimonials from many Union members.