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Part-time Unemployment: Making the law work for us

It's getting close to summer and once again our members are faced with filing for unemployment benefits. For contingent faculty, it's not always easy. Here are some key points about applying from Wendy Rader-Konofalski, WEA Lobbyist, at a workshop she presented for AFT Washington members last year. If you have any questions, contact Richard Burton, AFT Washington Internal Organizer, who staffs the Contingent Faculty Issues Committee.

Washington's Archaic Revenue System is Worst in Nation

“Washington’s tax system is the most regressive in the nation, placing a disproportionate burden on those with the lowest incomes.” – TIME Magazine

Best Union Practices for Part-time and Contingent Faculty

Background: In the State of Washington, an estimated 48% of college classes are taught by part-time faculty. On most campuses, part-time faculty outnumber full-time faculty by a ratio of 2:1 or more.
In 1996, and again in 2005, the legislature mandated that task forces be organized to study and recommend the Best Employment Practices for adjunct faculty. Recognizing that these reports are only affective insomuch as they are utilized by collective bargaining units to negotiate for improvements, we encourage local leaders to recognize that there are also Best Union Practices that can ensure that part-time and contingent faculty have a voice in the decisions that affect their working lives. 


Best Practices Report

A two-part report of the Best Practices Task Force mandated by the state legislature to recommend best practices for adjunct faculty personnel administration in colleges and universities. [2005]