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What a Fair Contract Looks Like

  • Invest in Education. Invest in the Educators: Return funds generated by IELP back to IELP to provide high-quality educational experience and retain a committed and professional faculty. Since 2007 the percentage of revenue used for faculty compensation has steadily been decreasing.
  • Provide Better Job Security: Give ongoing employment to all IELP Lecturers. No more quarter-to-quarter contracts for faculty who have been teaching here for 15 years! 
  • Build Stability: Maintain a fair and transparent system for the allocation of work and reductions in force. No subjective annual ranking of faculty should be introduced to decide who gets to work each year.
  • Promote Professionalism: Provide clear and equal access to professional development funds. Encourage IELP Lecturers to broaden their expertise. No hindering of their professional development.
  • Rebuild a Healthy Workplace: Promote collaboration, collegiality, transparency and team-work. Stop building walls between administration and the faculty.
  • Personal Day like the Rest: Allow IELP Lecturers to have a personal day, just like our TA colleagues teaching the same classes and just like our supervisors.
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work: Pay IELP Lecturers the same amount for teaching the same number of hours in summer as in other quarters - not 16.5% less!
  • Salary Compliance: Increase the starting salary. Stop paying IELP Lecturers below the minimum for Lecturers.
  • Stop Salary Compression: Solve the problem of having 70% of the faculty at base salary even after 16 years. Introduce a system that provides regular and predictable raises.
  • Stop the Flight! Make IELP Lecturers want to stay at the UW, not look for better jobs elsewhere!