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Local President Richard Moore Outlines the Union's Vision for UW IELP

In his letter to the members on August 21st, Local President Richard Moore outlined the Union’s vision for the UW International and English Language Programs.

“In our vision of the department:

  • We have a salary step system that consistently provides a basic increase to reward the work and commitment to the department.
  • We give everyone a fair raise starting this year.
  • We reward excellence with merit increases when available.
  • We reward experience not only for any future teacher but more importantly for those of us who are here now.
  • We are treated fairly. We are paid fully for summer quarter and we are paid at least the minimum UW says we should be paid.
  • We are allowed to attend that one-off special family event without forfeiting a day’s pay. Just like our TA colleagues.
  • We work together and build on the strengths of the department to continue its success.
  • We ensure new members of our faculty are given the support they need to succeed.
  • We commit to our students and the UW and in return the UW commits to providing job security and ongoing employment, and a transparent and objective method for assigning hours.”

The full text of President Moore’s letter is available here (pdf).