Seattle Times Reports on Our Struggle for a Fair Contract

On Friday November 1st, the Seattle Times published an article that discusses the issues UW English Language Faculty is facing in the struggle for a fair contract with the UW. The Seattle Times also reported that the Seattle Mayor and five Washington state legislators have "urged UW to settle labor dispute" with the English Language Faculty.


Mayor McGinn Urges UW to Give English Language Faculty a Fair Contract

In a letter addressed to UW President Young and the UW Board of Regents, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn urged the UW to complete negotiations with the UW English Language Faculty "in a way that recognizes the contributions they make to the University, to the students they serve, and to the broader community."


What a Fair Contract Looks Like

  • Invest in Education. Invest in the Educators: Return funds generated by IELP back to IELP to provide high-quality educational experience and retain a committed and professional faculty. Since 2007 the percentage of revenue used for faculty compensation has steadily been decreasing.
  • Provide Better Job Security: Give ongoing employment to all IELP Lecturers. No more quarter-to-quarter contracts for faculty who have been teaching here for 15 years! 

Our Mission

The organization exists to build among its members the power of solidarity and collective action to influence all matters affecting their professional practice, to uphold quality in the institution in which they work, to create excellent working conditions and to align with other workers in the quest for economic and social justice.



AFT UW English Language Faculty Delivers a Letter for UW President Young

On Friday, September 27th, representatives of UW English Language Faculty visited the office of UW President Michael Young and delivered an informational packet. This packet contained a letter reintroducing the Union, a summary of facts about the Union, and personal testimonials from many Union members.